The Almaty Symphony Orchestra consists of talented passionate artists, winners of national and international competitions.

Please, meet our Musicians:
Alua Makanova – ASO's Artist Of The First Violin Group
Alua started her education in Kazakhstan, at the Secondary Music Boarding School named after K. Baiseitova and then at the Kazakh National Conservatory named after Kurmangazy. She continued her studies in the USA, at the Southern Methodist University Meadow Schools of Arts.

Since the time of her Conservatory studies, she introduced playing a scale in her everyday routine. Therefore, she practices a lot.

Also, Alua's music taste is diverse. She listens to Stevie Wonder, Dirty Loops, or classical music, depending on her mood.
Zufina Bekmoldinova – ASO's Concertmaster of the First Violin Group
Zufina gave concerts in different parts of the world. She performed on stage in the USA, Russia, UK, Switzerland, France, Germany, India, Thailand, UAE, Brazil, and Qatar.

But, wherever Zufina performed, she was always happy to return to her native Kazakhstan, to her place of power – the Yesentai River embankment located here, in Almaty.

Zufina likes to walk along the river in the evening, listen to the sound of water, and make plans for the future.
Meruyert Tursunbekova – ASO's Artist Of The First Violin Group
She chose her instrument when she was four. And as early as 11 years old she gave her first concert.

Meruyert directs shows for Kazakh TV channels. Astarly Akikat and Tabigi Talent-2 at KTK are among her projects. She also shoots music videos and publishes them on her YouTube channel.

Meruyert has many hobbies, such as horse riding, aerial gymnastics, acrobatics, and archery. Soon, she plans to master rifle shooting and horseback stunts, which she has dreamed of since her childhood.
Ksenia Ismailova – ASO's Artist Of The First Violin Group
When she was a child, Ksenia always looked at her elder sister as a role model. Therefore, when her sister began studying violin, Ksenia also wanted to try it. This is how she submerged herself in music.

At different periods of time, Ksenia tried to play the piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums, and trumpet. Perhaps, it was really how she has developed her musical taste, rather atypical for a classical performer. Ksenia enjoys classical music, rock, gothic rock, and symphonic metal the same.

But, her favorite piece is the overture to the Tannhäuser by Richard Wagner.
Yevgeny Ugai – ASO's Concertmaster of the Second Violin Group
The artist has been fond of symphonic music since childhood. Most of all he was enchanted by the sound of violins and mastery of violinists.

Therefore, when it came to choosing his instrument, Yevgeny had no doubts what it should be – the violin!

He loves to discover new dimensions in music and is happy to meet contemporary composers, whose works sound extraordinary and fresh.

For example, Yevgeny cherishes the works of Alisher Latif-Zade. The artist believes them was written so skilfully that the violin can 'sing' any oriental nuance of the music (melismas, very subtle intonations, etc.).

Uulzhan Taalaibekova – ASO's Artist Of The Second Violin Group
Uulzhan chose her instrument at the age of five when she saw violinists performing on TV. Since that time she dreamed of becoming a musician. The parents supported their daughter and took her to a music school.

Despite a misconception, that symphony orchestra artists listen only to classical music, Uulzhan's musical taste is broader. She equally enjoys Yesterday by the legendary The Beatles, Shallow performed by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

Although, Tchaikovsky's Concerto for Violin and Orchestra is her favorite work.
Maria Zakharova – ASO's Concertmaster of the Viola Group
She is inspired by the achievements of her near ones and the biographies of great people. 'They fill me with vital energy and unleash my creativeness for self-realization!' – says Maria.

Need to mention that, initially, she learned to play the violin. The talented girl was noticed by a famous professor of viola and invited to join his viola classes.

Though it was challenging, Maria accepted the offer. Maria and viola have been inseparable ever since.
Yerasyl Begailov – Artist of the Viola Group
Yerasyl started as a violinist and later moved on to the viola and it was the right decision – he plays his instrument masterly.

'Its enchanting and mellow sound is so fine with me" – says the artist poetically about his viola.

Besides classical music, Yerasyl loves jazz. He is so committed to this musical style that always listens to jazz compositions on his own time.
Darkhan Kuanov – Artist of the Viola Group
Darkhan draws energy and inspiration for his new projects from music. He is especially inspired by impressionist and neoclassicist compositions.

Darkhan's favorite masterpiece is Bolero by Maurice Ravel, which is one of the most iconic musical pieces of the 20th century in the world.

The artist began his career as a violinist but later decided to try his hand at the viola. He chose this instrument for its rich sound and a wider potential for creativity.
Vsevolod Yudenich – Artist of the Cello Group
Vsevolod is not only an active performer, he arranges and orchestrates music for the ASO.

He was born in a musical family. And he knew he would become a musician since childhood, he just had to choose the instrument.

Vsevolod began mastering the violin at the age of three. He kept playing hoping to produce the right vibration and never could get it right, though. His, father, who watched Vsevolod's suffering, suggested putting the violin down like a cello, and the instrument sounded right!
Mussa Kerimbayev – Artist of the Cello Group
Mussa loves his instrument for its beautiful sound. He can play his cello for hours to 'meditate' into the piece and bring his performance to perfection.

In addition to his work in the orchestra, Mussa teaches music. For 17 years he has been working at the Department of String Instruments of the Kazakh National Conservatory named after Kurmangazy and for 7 years at the Secondary Music Boarding School named after K. Baiseitova.

Mussa encourages his students to go see live music – concerts and shows, take any chance to perform themselves on different occasions and in different genres
Bekezhan Rakishev – ASO's Concertmaster of the Contrabass Group
Bekezhan loves contrabass for its wonderful melodic sound that can embrace the whole orchestra.'

Bekezhan and his Contrabass have won many national and international competitions, such as the Newport Festival, USA, the Shabyt International Competition, to name but a few.

The artist has performed at the best music venues in the world. But he fondly recalls the first concert venue – the Kazakh State Philharmonia named after Zhambyl. Bekezhan will always remember that memorable day: the big round of applause and euphoria on that stage.
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